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Polynomials over Boolean Rings

PolyBoRi Master Reference

The core of PolyBoRi is a C++ library, which provides high-level data types for Boolean polynomials and monomials, exponent vectors, as well as for the underlying polynomial rings and subsets of the powerset of the Boolean variables. As a unique approach, binary decision diagrams are used as internal storage type for polynomial structures.

On top of this C++-library we provide a Python interface. This allows parsing of complex polynomial systems, as well as sophisticated and extendable strategies for Gröbner base computation. PolyBoRi features a powerful reference implementation for Gröbner basis computation.

The structure of the framework is illustrated as follows.



The documentation of the PolyBoRi framework and incorporated works can be accessed via the following documents.

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There exists a public mailing list:polybori-discuss.